Strings on a Shadow Puppet

In a war between democracy and civil rights, which side to you choose?

Part military sci-fi, part space opera, and part espionage thriller, Strings on a Shadow Puppet is filled with compelling characters, dark conspiracies, and enough fast paced combat to keep any action junkie on the edge of their seat, Strings on a Shadow Puppet will keep you turning the pages until the last plot twist is revealed.

After generations of conflict and economic turmoil, the Sophyan Empire stands as a beacon of peace and prosperity.  It is a society based upon the assurance of civil rights, not just for humans, but for all sentient beings.  Yet there is a catch: it’s an interstellar union in which power and the right to rule is held in the hands of a few.  Those who oppose this hegemony also oppose treating sentient aliens with equal rights, and fight for democracy by targeting innocent civilians.  It is up to the crew of the HMS Hunter to balance their duties and beliefs as they fight to protect their society.

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Opening of Strings on a Shadow Puppet

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Sophyan Empire

Sophyan Empire


Strings on a Shadow Puppet is on sale now in paperback and for kindles at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most book sellers near you.

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